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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Duty at Fairfax Station.

According to tradition, it was here that a teamster of a Vermont regiment discovered “a new road to camp – three feet below the old one.”

The bottoms had dropped out of the roads. In addition to picket duty the regiments had to turn and corduroy the roads leading from the Station to Wolf Run Shoals, in order to make them passable for the loaded army wagons. What with this labor, the digging of rifle pits to guard the fords across the Occoquan, the stockading of their tents, the corduroying of the company “streets,” and the leveling of some Confederate fortifications on the south side of the river, the men did not languish much in idleness, and drills were for a time abandoned.George Grenville Benedict,  Vermont in the Civil War 424-25 (Burlington Vt 1888)    

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