"Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?"

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wednesday, November 19, 1862. "Our drilling is very rapidly perfected."

"We are now in the reserve corps for the defense of Washington, and will probably remain here through the winter. One month of our time has passed away, and we have not seen the enemy yet, but nevertheless we have not forgotten our duty as soldiers and actually engaged in war. Our drilling is very rapidly perfected, and if we have a chance to meet the foe the 14th regiment will manfully sustain the good name which Vermont troops have so nobly earned. This is a stormy day and we have received orders to go out on picket." ~ J. C. Williams, Corporal, Co. B, 14th Regiment, Life in Camp 31-32  (1864)

"My Own Darling Wife- It is late but I must write a few words. Proctor & I are ordered to be ready to move at notice, it is intimated to Harpers Ferry. We are to go on a review tomorrow, unless ordered forward before. We want to go to Texas with Genl. Banks if he goes there." ~ Col. wheelock G. Veazey, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter to Julia, November 19, 1862. UVM Center for Digital Initiatives 

"Got a pass this morning & Geo. & I went to W. Rained a little all day. As we came back we heard at Alexandria that the whole Brigade had recd marching orders & would move in the morning. Got back to camp & found it partly true. They are ordered to march to long bridge in the monning to be reviewed by Gen. Casey. Also the 15th & 16th have recd orders to have 2 days rations cooked & be ready to march at one hours notice. Have no idea at all where we are going or if we go at all."  ~ Joseph Spafford, 1st Lieutenant, Company E, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter, November 24, 1862, UVM

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