"Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?"

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sunday, March 15, 1863. A thunderstorm of hail.

"Sunday 15th. The 16th Regt. went out on scout last night and brought in four prisoners. The Colonel went to the Shoals this morning and has not yet returned. The Brigade Band came out and played Old Hundred, Sweet Home, and the Stair. It is now raining and hailing, thundering quite hard. March is rough weather out here, or has been so far. Night has set in with a hard wind and a severe hard storm."Diary of Oliver A. Browne, Co. K, 15th Regiment

"March 15. In the afternoon the long roll is beaten; the regiment called into line; arms are stacked, and we are told to be ready to start at a moment's notice. A few guerillas came down the other side of the river and fired at some of our cavalry; but this was all, and the last that was seen of them. The pickets were strengthened during the night. The camp guards have been allowed, through the cold weather, to go to their tents as soon as relieved; but lately one relief has been kept at the guard-house all the time, as rebel cavalry are prowling about more nights. These are not large bodies, varying from ten to two hundred. Many of them are citizens, clad in the uniform of Union soldiers, who know every hill, valley, by-path and hiding place from the Potomac to the Rappahannock." ~ Lt. Edwin Palmer, 13th Regiment,  The Second Brigade: or, Camp Life, By a Volunteer (1864) 

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