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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Resolutions passed by the 16th

"Fairfax Station, Virginia March 6th, 1863
"Dear Parents,

"March with its uncertainties and fickleness is upon us, and is flying rapidly away. One day it is balmy warm and spring like, and the next is cold and stormy, and only a day or two ago we had a good smart thunder shower. Quite Spring fashion, isn't it?

"I have been engaged in the captain's office all the week until yesterday, and I guess there is no more to do there now. Adelbert Bartlett stayed here with us last night. He looks hale and hearty and tough. He is going back to the 12th today. His company is stationed down 1/4 mile from the rest of the regiment at a ford on Occoquan River, with the 2nd Connecticut Battery.

"You have no doubt read the Resolutions passed by the 16th some time since and we have the response, offering to take care of the Copperheads at home, and tendering us their sympathies, and promising the Vermont Volunteer regiments to keep their ranks full, if need be at the point of the bayonet. All very well in its place, but it seems to us that instead of their sympathies, we shall have themselves out here before long. Won't the order for a draft make a sensation among some of these self-same sympathizing patriots such as were so anxious to avoid it last Fall?"  ~ Hezron G. Day, pvt., Company C, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter of March 6, 1863 

"March 6.  A rumor is afloat that old Stuart is again in this vicinity, and marching orders have been received. If this is the case, we shall doubtless have some fun before morning."   J. C. Williams, Corporal, Co. B, 14th Regiment, Life in Camp, 86 (1864)

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