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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Saturday, May 16, 1863. All in camp.

"Saturday 16th Off duty i.e. Not on guard or picket & so quiet in Camp. Nothing new or alarming." ~ Diary of Horace Barlow (UVM), 120, Horace Barlow, Pvt., Co. C, 12th Regiment

"May 16. Companies have been scouting over the river; and the result is, we have more horses than we had before our teams were captured. Our soldiers, who had been captured on the 14th, came in. They had been paroled, when a little south of the Bull Run battle field; but not according to the cartel." ~ Lt. Edwin Palmer, 13th Regiment, The Second Brigade: or, Camp Life, By a Volunteer (1864)

[Forty years later Sturtevant recalls: "a large company of boys went over on the south side of the Occoquan as a scouting party and returned with eight horses and one man. The boys now claimed to be about even for those we lost on the 14th. Some of the horses were good, but most of them were played out, unfit for work or riding." ~Ralph Orson Sturtevant, Pictorial History of the 13th Regiment Vermont Volunteers  167 (1910)]

"May 16. Reveille at five o'clock. We have a model camp now -- streets regularly laid out and policed every morning." ~ John C. Williams, Corporal, Co. B, 14th Regiment, Life in Camp 121 (1864)

"16th. Quite windy. Are going to move back the length of butternuts in order to have shade in front of our tent." ~ Diary of Oliver A. Browne, Co. K, 15th Regiment

"OSCAR B. HUBBARD died in our regimental hospital at Camp Widow Violet on the Occoquan, and quite suddenly. Corporal Hubbard  was present at the organization of the Highgate Company, September 11th, 1862, and at this time was 19 years of age, six feet tall, gray eyes, dark hair and was a fine looking and appearing young man,... He was taken sick at Camp Widow Violet with typhoid fever and died May 16th, 1863. His body was sent home and buried in the family lot in the town of Georgia, Vt. " Ralph Orson Sturtevant, Pictorial History of the 13th Regiment Vermont Volunteers  728 (1910)

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