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Monday, May 27, 2013

Wednesday, May 27, 1863. The 16th moves to guard the railroad

May 27 the regiment was ordered to guard the railroad, and companies A and G, in command of Captain Eaton, were stationed at Manassas Junction, and companies C, D, E and F, [and H] with Colonel Veazey and Major Rounds, were stationed at Bristoe Station, near Broad R[un], and companies B, I and K, with Lieutenant-Colonel Cummings in command, were stationed at Catlett's Station. ~ Russell and Emery, 16th Vermont Infantry Regimental History 

"Union Mills, VA 
"Wednesday, morning 
"May 2[7]th 5 o’clock A.M.

"Dearest Wife, Saturday and Sunday I was on picket night and day. Monday I slept in camp, yesterday there was a reviewed of 15th and 16th Regiments by Gen. Abercombie who said of the manual of arms as executed by the 16th Regiment that he had never seen it excelled by regulars and had supposed it impossible of volunteers.

"This morning at 7:30 our regiment goes down the railroad to relieve the 12th. Two companies will be left at Manassas Junction. 5 at Bristow’s and three at Catlett’s Station, towards Warrenton Junction. Companies B, I, and K go to the latter place in my command. So the regiment will not be together again for two or three weeks.

"Well, I am glad to go, we shall thereby get rid of our picket duty in part or rather exchange it for guard and picket duty all the time in a country new to us and full of guerrillas. But guerrillas let infantry severely alone if the squad number ten or a dozen.

"Nothing new here. I am quite well. ... only two months before we shall see our homes.

"Hurrah for US Grant! He is the being man of this war. Though what difficulties and dangers and accidents he has waded and how gloriously he is succeeding for he must get Vicksburg and lot of pains.

"When I got settled I hope to gain your some account of our new position. In the mean time we shall be on this railroad between this place and the Rappahannock.

"I am dear wife - Your loving husband - Charles." ~ Lt. Col.Charles Cummings, Sixteenth Regiment, Letters May 26, 1863. VHS.

 "Wednesday 27th. Ordered to Union Mills & so left on train about 2 P.M. The 16th Vt. took our place at Bristow. I am sorry to leave this pleasant country, to return back where the air is foul & the ground has all been camped over." ~ Diary of Horace Barlow(UVM), 122, Horace Barlow, Pvt., Co. C, 12th Regiment

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