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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bellows Falls Times of October 3, 1862

The Sixteenth Regiment—

The line officers of the Sixteenth Regiment, met at the Island House in this place on Saturday last, for the choice of Regimental Officers.  They are a fine body of men, and certainly no Regiment has ever left the State with better men for line officers.  The following is result of their elections:

Colonel—Wheelock G. Veazey, Springfield
Lieut. Colonel—Chas. Cummings, Brattleboro
Major—William Rounds, Chester

Col. Veazey had every vote, and the officers certainly did themselves much credit in their selection.  He first went out in the 3d Regiment as Cap. of Co. A, Springfield, and soon after was promoted, first to Major and then to Lieut. Colonel.  He has been more than a year in hard service, and is now an experienced officer.  He will make a most excellent officer, and we much rejoice that he is to command the Regiment made up from Windham and Windsor Counties, in which we shall all feel so much interest.  Lieut. Colonel Cummings and Major Rounds are too well known to all our readers to need any commendation at our hands, especially Dr. Cummings, who has long been the publisher of the Brattleboro Phoenix.  Major Rounds is the present State’s Attorney of Windsor County; an able man of good judgment, and will make a thorough-going and an efficient officer.  The Sixteenth may well congratulate themselves on having strong men for their officers-men in whom they can place the utmost confidence and reliance. 

Since the above was entyped the other officers have been appointed, and from first to last, are equally good men.  They are as follows:

Adjutant—J.D. Bridgeman, Bellows Falls
Quartermaster—James Henry, Royalton
Quartermaster Sgt—Hugh Henry, Chester
Sgt Major—Aiden Whitmore, Springfield
Commissary Sgt—Charles Simmons, Brattleboro
Surgeon—[The surgeon had not been appointed Thursday morning]
Assistant Surgeon—Dr. C.B. Park, Jr., Grafton
Chaplain—Rev. J.W. Chickering, Springfield

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