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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, October 31, 1862. A Day at Camp Seward.

Friday we police the camp, get to gather forage and provisions, etc. At evening we receive an order for a division review of about 16 regiments under Gen. Silas Casey in whose division we are, at 11 o’clock the next morning on the plain near Fort Albany about a mile distant. Lt. Col. Charles Cummings, 16th Regiment, Letter No. 3. November 2, 1862

Camp Seward is on the edge of the clean stretch oak timber near the famous "Munson's Hill". A few rods in the rear runs a stream of clear, sweet water. It was a right pleasant spot, and we began at once to be comfortable. The five regiments were stretched along side by side, and the camps hummed with activity. The woods were filled with men apparently on a big pic-nic. It lasted just one day! Orders came for a grand review on the parade ground of Fort Albany, nearby us, on Saturday morning. ~  G.G. Benedict, pvt., Company C 12th Regiment , Letter to the Free Press of November 3, 1862 in Army Life in Virginia, 47-48 (1895).  

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