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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our journey hither was slow and tedious.

Friday, October 24, 1862.  Brattleboro to New Haven. 

"Our journey hither was slow and tedious."  ~ Lt. Col. Charles Cummings, Letter No. 1, October 28, 1862

"We left our camp at Brattleboro about half past 11 on Friday and left the depot about 1, each man carrying three days ration i.e. each man took a haversack full and started for Dixie. 

"We were well received wherever we stopped. At Northampton the ladies threw bushels of apples into the cars for us and at Springfield which we reached just at dusk the people crowded around us and gave us many a hearty good bye and as we moved off it was amid the thunder of cannon and the enthusiastic cheers of the populace. From there we went on board of the cars to New Haven where we arrived about 11 o'clock..."  ~  Hezron G. Day, Company C, Letter of October 28, 1862

"We left our camp at Brattleboro, Friday the 24th ult. for Washington–a train of 23 cars.  On arriving at Northampton, cakes, coffee, and other refreshments were passed into the cars, which were gladly received, I assure you; and many were the thanks and good wishes expressed for the good people of that town.  Arrived at New Haven at 10:00 P.M. ..." ~ E. D. Keyes, 1st Lieutenant, Company H. writing as "Duane" to the Bellows Falls Times, published November 7, 1862

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