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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tuesday, December 9, 1862. Typhoid fever takes two.

"Dear Sister –I beleive I have not written you for a number of days so will do so to day. ... I sent the pipe I had whittled out to father, I’m going to make Alfred one if I get time. Az recd a box from home the other day. There was a bag of pickles in it which had leaked all over the rest of the stuff & nearly spoiled it.

"The 13th 14th & 15th Regts have got back. They went over near the Bull Run battlefield. Our Regt & the 12th did all the picketing while they were gone.

"Stoughton arrived here yesterday to take command of this Brigade. I dont think any body would have felt bad if he had gone somewhere else....

"I wish you could look into our house & see how comfortably we live. I think you would not worry much about us while we remain here. ...

"Our Regt lost a man last night, [ ] Moore of Co. F.* there is another** from the same Co. that Geo. says will not live until tomorrow morning.

"I dont see why I cant get letters in two days as I used to last winter. Now I hardly ever get your letters that are written sunday until thursday or friday.

"... There is nothing new to write but I thought you might wish to hear from us so I have written. George is going to write so I will close." ~ Joseph Spafford, 1st Lieutenant, Company E, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter, December 9, 1862, UVM

[* Hiland B. Moore, Dover, VT, age 17,  PVT, Co. F, 16th VT INF,  died 12/8/62 (typhoid fever), Alexandria, Va]

[** Beginning with Hiland Moore on December 8, 5 members of Company F died of disease by year end; there were only 2 deaths in the other 9 companies.]

"My Darling Wife,
"I have moved into my new hut & am all ready for you, so I reckon you had better come. ... 
"Yr husband
"Let me know in season if you come. I have no money to send you" ~  Col. Wheelock G. Veazey, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter to Julia, December 9, 1862. UVM Center for Digital Initiatives 

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