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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sunday, December 7, 1862. General Stoughton arrives.

“Sunday 7th. Went home this morning cold & tired. Was glad to see our old "A" tent & a good fire. No service. Gen Stoughton arrived, in all his glory, this morning.”   Diary of Horace Barlow, 48,  Co. C, 12th Regiment

Sunday Morning, We hear that General Stoughton will assume command to-day. The brigade would, however, I think, be satisfied to remain under command of Colonel Blunt. Thermometer only 15°above zero to-day."  ~ G.G. Benedict, pvt., Company C, 12th Regiment, Letter to the Free Press of December 6, 1862 in Army Life in Virginia.

“Today is Sunday but not such a Sunday as we had in Old Vermont.  Today the boys are all at work fixing their tents and getting wood for night.  It was cold.  The ground was frozen three inches.  The water in our canteens will freeze so we have to thaw them out so as to drink but we have blankets so we lay warm.  Oscar and I lay together.  We spread our blankets together so as to have them both over us.  We put on our overcoats take off our boots roll up our feet in the blanket go to sleep and sleep sound as a log.  ...

“The story is that we are going to stay here now for the winter but we can’t tell much by what we hear.  You said you would send me some papers I wish you would if you can as well as not.  I hear that there is to be cessation of the Rebellion.  I hope it is so for to see how this thing is carried on is enough to make a dog sick but I kind of like it. Jim” ~ James Willson, 13th Regt. Co. C. , Letter #10 December 7, 1862 (VHS)  

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