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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 1863. A game of ball. The 13th moves to Occoquan

"Union Mills, Virginia April 2, 1863

"Dear Parents,

"We are not having any drill this forenoon, but a game of ball instead. 'Tis said that the officers of the right wing are to be matched against those of the left, for an upper ten game, and the smaller fry match up to suit themselves. l have not had to do enough to injure me for the last two or three days, though I have nominally been at work for the captain on quarterly reports, etc., and have done jobs as fast as they have been furnished me. ...

"I have just been out watching the officers' game of ball. There is a good deal of fun about it. The old colonel has one side, and the major the other. They had a good laugh a few moments ago, to see the colonel get out. The boys have just begun to come in from picket; had a very good time out, didn't see any Rebs on their side of the river, but thought they saw a few of them on the other, though I don't think they were very much frightened.

"... We have got a new 2nd Lieutenant in the shape of Sg't Major, late Orderly Fletcher. His appointment suits the boys and officers first rate. 

"Moses and Alfred have been over to Wolf Run Shoals to visit the 12th, 13th and 14th. They report all well and enjoying themselves over there. It is about six miles from here. The boys are beginning to catch fish in the larger streams, and if we stay here long I should not be surprised if we had some too. ... ~ Hezron G. Day, pvt., Company C, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter of April 2, 1863

"Thursday 2nd. Dr. Ross came again this morning. Powders as usual. Still dieting. So weak that I lie in bed all the time. Suffer no pain whatever, so am thankful. 

"13th Reg't, ordered down near the town Occoquan. Left this A.M. Col Blunt came here to-day & is to make this point his head-quarters in future." Diary of Horace Barlow, 97, Co. C, 12th Regiment

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