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Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7, 1863, The Health of the Thirteenth improves at Camp Widow Violet

"Camp Widow Violet, VA 7th April, 1863 
"Dear Mother

"I rec’d your last letter last Saturday night. Was very glad that you are well and the rest of the family. My health is good, Oscar is well again. George and William are well. Phineas Billings was doing well when last I heard from him. Sergeant Thayer is well. The rest of the Warren Boys are well.Captain Wheeler from Calais is well. I see him quite often....

"We are encamped now in a nice place on the Widow Violets farm and the camp is named after her. She moved out of her house the day before we came here to the next house where she now is. The woods here are full of hogs. The boys get, once and a while, one but after they get it, is no longer known as hog. It is called possum. William Backus and I went and got one last night (It is not allowed). Coming in, we were met by the Col. He asked us what we had in our bag. We told him Virginia Possum. He said all right be careful and let the patrols get hold of us, and went along; so you see he don’t care how well we live....Please write soon to your son, J.H. Willson, Co B 13th" James Willson, 13th Regt., pvt, Co. B. , Letter #36, March 14, 1863 (VHS)

"April 7. No battle with the "rebs" to record yet. The 14th is now the headquarters of the brigade. Col. Nichols is unwell to-day." 
~ J. C. Williams, Corporal, Co. B, 14th Regiment, Life in Camp, 104 (1864).

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