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Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 1863. Wounded in a snow-ball fight.

"Camp near wolfs run Va. Feb. 25th 1863

"It is just five months to day since I left my home up in old Vermont near old Ascutney mountain to try and do my duty for my country & my home.  During that time I have seen some pretty hard times & some that were not so hard as I could expect. The hardest time that I have seen was a week ago yesterday & today. Also a week come to morrow when I started in the snow and marched seven miles with the mud knee deep   ... (with it snowing & raining all of the time) & started back got to camp at three o'clock without a wink of sleep in the whole time and my birth day in stead of being to home... 

"Last night there was a lot of us out snowballing when there was a ball hit me in my right eye & nearly knocked me down. I have done nothing to day & as I write one eye is covered up with a hankercheif & the other one ought to be for as you might say I am blind in one eye & cant see very well out of the other one.

"They have called for a Sergt to morrow on picket & as there is no other but me. I shall have to go or else send a corporeal in my place. Can tell better in the morning. 

"The boys are well.  Ira* & Henry** left here this morning for the hospital.   Ira was as tough as a bear. Ira says that he has not received any letters from you. He says direct to Ira M. Hammond Post hospital Fairfax court House Va. in care of Surgeon S Ketchum & he will run the risk but what he shall get them.

"Capt. S has gone to Alexandra after Father Wait.   He is returned for duty. I would write you more to night but my eye says that I have wrote enough so I will Stop. Jabez H. Hammond, West Windsor, age 20, Sgt. Co. A, 12th Regt Letter No. 29

* Ira Mallory Hammond of West Windsor, age 27,  Pvt, Co. A, 12th Vt, was Jabez' oldest brother.
** Possibly Henry Holmes  Hammond, of West Windsor, age 33,  2d Sgt, Co. A, 12th Vt, discharged 1/5/63

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