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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Measles in the 13th Vt

"Feb. 23, 1863 
"Grandfather Hillery 

"Received a letter from you yesterday when I got home off picket. We went out yesterday with two days rations but we were relieved before night ... .
"We have got the Measles in our Regiment. Some in our Co. have got them. Some are sick now and some have got well. Oscar Stearns is a little unwell. We are afraid that he is coming down with them but we have got a good tent and we shall take good care of him and not leave him for someone else to mend so they don’t go to the hospital but they fix up a tent in the co. and take care of our own boys. My health is good and so are the other Boys. We expect George will have this and then we shall have our hands full....

"We are having an awful storm. The wind blows and it snows in regular Vermont style but we are comfortable. Our tent  is warm and the wood is plenty and we have a good stove and we can keep warm as mice." James Willson, 13th Regt., pvt, Co. B. , Letter #25, February 23, 1863 (VHS)

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