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Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 1863. Sending money home.

Lt. Col. Charles Cummings
"Fairfax Court House, Feb 4th, 1863

"The Colonel and I have just returned from Washington where we went Monday afternoon. Having got paid some money I though I would spend some of it - so I purchased a blouse, pair of boots, saddle cloth, belt, and cravat, costing me nearly $40, including expenses.

"Everything is dear any where but especially so at sutlers. We pay nearly $2.00 per bushel for potatoes, 40 cents for butter and other things except what we can purchase at the quartermaster at government prices in proportion.

"As I have been unremitting in my attentions to you I will amend by enclosing a check for $100. I understand from Major Halsey that early in March he will pay us for four months which will give me the means to send you a good lump. Unless some accident occurs I shall not have to buy any more clothing for several months if at all except possibly another pair of boots.

"It is cold out here. The snow is three fourth gone and now the ground is frozen quite hard. It has scarcely thawed today. But I prefer this weather to the wet, muddy, cloudy, foggy air of the last few weeks. I feel quite well and am in good condition.

"I must attend the dress parade for which the call has sounded, get my lesson and hear a recitation this evening. Doing all this I can’t write much more and get this into the mail tonight, and I am anxious that you ...receive this remittance as soon as possible.
~ Lt. Col. Charles Cummings, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter No. 19, February 4,, 1863. VHS.

"February 4. Target practice is our main drill at present."  J. C. Williams, Corporal, Co. B, 14th Regiment, Life in Camp, 78 (1864)

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