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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday, February 16, 1863

" Monday the 16th:  We are expecting to have some new guns again, Springfield Rifles. Companies "A" and "B" already got them, though I don't believe they speculated much by the swap, as the guns they got were some of them second handed ones, and awfully rusty inside and out.

"We are also expecting ... to have four or five of our boys discharged. The surgeon offered to get Joseph Weston his discharge if he wanted, and I guess he will take it. ... Gould, of whom I wrote yesterday, is still alive, and that is about all. ...

"The weather here now is about what it is in Vermont in October and November, occasionally freezing a little nights, but not near enough to stay frozen through the forenoon. We have good water, plenty of wood and plenty of mud, when it rains, still rain does not disturb us as much as you might think, as the shanties are not apt to leak, and our pine paved streets don't soften easy. ...

"Warner Bates of Sherburne was here a few days ago. He came with Mr. Colton after the body of his son [Henry Colton]. He was 2nd Serg't of the Rutland company in the 14th, and a first rate appearing fellow. The Bates boys occasionally came over here to visit their cousins..."
~ Hezron G. Day, pvt., Company C, Sixteenth Regiment, 
Letter of February 15, 1863 

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