"Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?"

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thursday, June 25, 1863. "Dont worry about me but think me all right and be happy."

On the 25th  the pickets on duty were called in. Colonel Veazey called his officer and non-commissioned officers together and assured them that they might soon expect to meet the enemy in battle, and gave them good advice and instructions. At 3 o'clock of that day, the regiment started on its march, joining the great tide of the Army of the Potomac, which was moving northward to intercept the enemy in its advance on Washington, Baltimore, Harrisburg and Philadelphia. ~Russell and Emery, 16th Vermont Infantry Regimental History

"Union Mills June 25th 1863
"Dear Lettie

"We are all packed and just on another start and have just time to write a word. The last I wrote you a note we were just on a start to guard a Ford on Cedar Run Mill. We just as I said started until last night when we had orders to withdraw our picket and report to this place at once which we did arriving about half past one o'clock this morning. I traveled some 20 miles yesterday and last night and feel first rate today better fitted for another march than so I had lazed in camp until now. 

"It is now most noon and I have working just as hard as I can jump every since morning getting ready. Have given up all my stuff except a shirt pair stockings blanket and a few other things.

"We have been transferred to the Army of Potomac 1st Corps under command of Genl. Reynolds. The whole brigade goes and we expect a lively campaign but it will be short less than a month. It is expected we march to 
Leesburg at once. We are only waiting for 12th & 13th to come up from the Shoals.

"I shall write often as I can but you must not expect many when on such marches. I feel first rate had as well go there as any where for a short time. I dont think there is much doubt but what we shall have fun soon. 

"Geo has got better and is going to Alexandria with some Express boxes today and follow us tomorrow or next day. Read your kind letter of the 18th inst. this morning when I arrived in camp which I read with much pleasure before retiring. I have no time to notice its contents.

"Dont worry about me but think me all right and be happy. Be at home soon now if nothing happens. I shall think of you every minute and love you always. Let me hug and kiss you again and again as I bid you good bye my darling one.

"Affectionately Elmer" 
~ E. D. Keyes, Captain, Company H, 16th Regiment, Letter of June 25, 1863

"Union Mills, Virginia, June 25, 1863

"Dear Parents,

"We are packing up our things, preparing to move by noon. We have been transferred to the first corps even to the 12th. The other regiments are ordered to report here this morning though their have none of them arrived here yet. Last night at half past nine about half of the regiment was down on the Occoquan River eight miles from here, and by 12:30 we had got into camp, good for another day, though I think that my feet will get a drink of whiskey before we start, as I find that it keeps the feet from chafing and getting sore as they sometimes do.

"We have lightened our packs all they will let us but would like to send off our dress coats, but they won't let us. Mine is good yet, worth at least five dollars, and I don't want to throw it away, so I see no way but to carry it. I am going to put in $10 and run the risk of its going through. I do not think we will go further than Centerville today, and would not be surprised if we did not start before tomorrow. 

"I am glad we came from the Occoquan last night rather than wait till this morning. We went out there day before yesterday, caught three Reb cavalrymen and three horses. One of the men was a Lieutenant and one a Sergeant and they had come home to visit their friends and got nabbed. They were smart, intelligent men... I suppose we are going up toward Leesburg, but do not know." ~ Hezron G. Day, pvt., Company C, Sixteenth Regiment, Letter from Union Mills, June 25, 1863

"Camp near Union Mills, VA June 25th, 1863
"My Dear Wife,

"Since I last wrote I have recovered my usual health. Tuesday I took half of the regiment and marched 7 miles to Spriggs Ford on the Occoquan and did picket duty capturing three prisoners of the 15th Virginia Cavalry. Last night at 7 o’clock I received orders to call in my pickets and return to Union Mills. I did so arriving here about 1 a.m., this morning. Today the whole brigade started with 10 days rations towards the Potomac in the direction of Leesburgh, to join Reynold’s Corps. It is likely that we shall see active service soon.

'There is nothing else of special interest. My letters for the present must be brief. Love to all - Your loving husband - Charles." 
"~ Lt. Col.Charles Cummings, Sixteenth Regiment, Letters June 15, 1863. VHS.

"Thurs. June 25, 1863. Marched to Coppels Mills this P.M." ~ From the Diary of Wheelock G. Veazey, Colonel, 16th Vermont Regiment.(VHS)

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